About Allerpointe

“Serving others to improve their lives.” As our Mission Statement, this is more than just words – it is the core of what we believe and it is the philosophy which guides our business as we serve the patient, the provider, our co-workers, and the community.

Why Allerpointe

The vast majority of patients today ease their allergy symptoms with over-the-counter or prescription medications. These medications may treat the symptoms, but fail to address the root cause of the allergy. Pharmaceutical companies direct enormous campaigns for their allergy medications, which has created and reinforced consumer habit of reaching for their masking drugs first. Many patients go through life covering their allergy symptoms never knowing there is a treatment that could desensitize them against the offending allergens causing them discomfort. Appropriate testing, avoidance, and treatment, when necessary, will help your patients live a better life.

Both eroding reimbursements and increased practice costs create additional burdens for the primary care provider. Providers work longer hours with decreasing revenue and increased demands for quality healthcare. Our service can add considerable revenue to your practice.

We understand the time it takes to actualize a new service in your practice and the associated complexities. Each practice is unique, and that is our approach. We implement each allergy clinic based on the specific needs of that practice. We do not rely on some cookie-cutter approach to serving your clinic. Providers have more than enough sales reps coming through their office promising the moon. We strive to be genuine and to provide legitimate services that make good clinical and economic sense.

The majority of patients turn to their primary care providers first for allergy symptom relief, even though it is rarely a chief complaint. Often the patient will discuss their allergies during the course of an office visit for an unrelated symptom. The typical course of action is to either write a prescription for the patient’s allergy symptoms or perhaps refer them to a specialist. By providing in-office allergy services, the primary care provider can now treat their patient’s allergy symptoms effectively and conveniently.

Allerpointe is committed to implementing high quality allergy services, at your direction, to help you improve patient satisfaction, improve patient outcomes, and improve your clinic revenue. We offer support each step of the way to ensure your success.

Patient Specific Therapy

Each patient presents with responses to different allergens and with different histories. For these reasons, we customize each patient’s medication based on their specific response. We test for over 100 of the most common allergens found coast to coast, including pollens (trees, grasses, weeds), molds, animal dander and non-stinging insects, and certain foods. Patients with responses to environmental allergens may qualify for immunotherapy. Responses to food allergens are not treated with immunotherapy, rather by avoidance.

Immunotherapy is an effective long-term treatment resulting in positive patient outcomes. Compliant patients can achieve efficacy rates over 80%. Rather than masking symptoms, immunotherapy decreases the sensitivity the patient has to offending allergens. In comparison to a lifetime of over-the-counter or prescription medications, emergency room visits, and missed work/school days, immunotherapy is a cost-effective and beneficial treatment. Of the 65 million people in the United States that suffer with allergy symptoms, approximately 5% are undergoing immunotherapy treatment. Allerpointe bridges the gap between masking medications and immunotherapy.

How We Serve

Beyond immunotherapy for your patients, we incorporate a support structure to facilitate proper diagnosis, chart documentation, billing guidance, and quality assurance/control. We focus on educating your staff and your patients in order to increase compliance. Better patient adoption and compliance translates into better outcomes and healthier patients.

We serve you with courteous and competent staff. Our staff is trained on core competencies based on established industry protocols and standards. Ongoing training and assessment ensure that your clinic is served with quality personnel and current procedures.

We serve you with proper documentation forms, clinical worksheets, decision-making tools, and education material. Our billing staff will make sure you have the proper superbill and other documentation to efficiently file your insurance claims. We will serve you every step of the way to ensure your allergy clinic is a success, for both you and your patients.